Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming Back to Delhi

I am back in Delhi after about 25 years and everyday I find something that sets me thinking. I decided to write the thoughts onto a blog because writing makes me keep my mind on the issue for a few moments at least. And in the welcome chance that the blog does get read by others, I hope they will add their comments, to agree or to disagree with what I say, or just to add to it.

I will not try to be consistent in what I write. What I write will not be ideas that are fully thought out, but just what I feel at the moment of writing. This blog is not a scientific treatise that has to be defended before an academic board.

Therefore, my comments today may not fully agree with what I write tomorrow. This just reflects the ambivalence that many of us have about many things.

There is just one aspect of the writing that I am undecided about. How do I word “naughty” comments, when it is very likely that my son could also be looking through this blog once in a while?