Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Size Plus!

Moving through Delhi has been a pleasant surprise.
It is always a pleasure to see so many "abundant" women.
I have deliberately used the word abundant, because abundance is a state we welcome and desire.
There are so many of these size plus women on the metro circuit, all dressed up and decked up, and seeming to be unconcerned about how they look among all those skinny straight girls trying to starve themselves into "beauty".

My sense of a beautiful woman has always been more in line with the classical form that we have seen on our temple sculptures.

Not that I am too concerned about looks when it comes to people I know, irrespective of whether they are people I like them or dislike them.

Because, in the case of people you know, most often we do not see them as a "body" but rather as an idea - which includes much more than the body, a collection of memories and experiences, expectations and disappointments, a totally that can not be explained just by the way a person appears to a stranger.

When I think of my wife, it is a collective idea of the shared life and experiences of so many years together.

Back to the Plus women of Delhi.

I appreciate their spirit.

I am writing about this today because one person who met me on business today described someone else as " a big woman, just like me". She was not being apologetic about her size, and I was glad she was feeling comfortable about her body.

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